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Hi, I would like to welcome you to my website. I was in the teaching profession for almost 40 years and enjoyed working with children and loved how they taught me as much as how I taught them.  However, it was  time for a change  to explore a new adventure and opportunity of having my own business of selling something that I am also passionate about.

It started when I was a child, and I watched the way my mom dressed herself.  I noticed once she put on her shoes, it just woke up her outfit!  The right type of shoes determines whether  you want to be casual or go out on the town.  There are many styles that match a person's personality.

The most important part of wearing shoes whether being decked out or casual is that shoe you put on MUST be comfortable.  It became my passion to find shoes that went well with any outfit, and were comfortable for  the day.  I am here to assist you in finding those perfect shoes; whether it is to make a statement, be functional, or complete that outfit.  Whatever it is, I am here for you!

Enjoy shoe shopping!